Does Urgent Care Do COVID Testing?

Are you experiencing symptoms, or have you been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19? Get tested today. Coastal Urgent Care in Bossier and Haughton has you covered with convenient COVID-19 testing available for all.  We offer both antigen (rapid) and molecular (PCR) testing along with antibody testing to verify whether you’ve ever had COVID-19 in … Continued

Are You Having an Allergic Reaction? Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For

Allergic reactions are hypersensitive reactions that occur when the immune system responds abnormally to common substances like pollen, dust or certain foods. Allergic reactions are common and often mild, however some can be dangerous or even life threatening if left untreated. Common types of allergic reactions Here are four types of allergic reactions: Anaphylactic reactionThis … Continued

When Do You Need Stitches at Urgent Care

Most of us have been there at least once. We’re just going along, living our lives, when suddenly an accident happens and suddenly we’re looking at a bloody gash on ourselves or someone else. If you’ve been there, you know the very next thought is whether or not it merits a trip to urgent care … Continued

Is it a Sprain or a Fracture and How do I Treat it?

In a moment’s notice, a hike can turn from an enjoyable afternoon to a serious situation which may require medical attention. It’s important to know how to asses a situation and act accordingly before medical professionals can arrive. We’re going to talk a little about knowing how to tell the difference between a sprain and … Continued