6 Tricks to Make a Painful Bruise More Bearable

Bruises are like snowflakes: each one is unique. Some bruises are purple, but others have a red-tint. We notice a painful bruise immediately, while other, not-so-painful-bruises, take us by surprise. A bruise is how the body responds to an injury. They form when tiny blood vessels beneath the skin get damaged, leaving behind a blue, purple, … Continued

When Do You Need Stitches at Urgent Care

Most of us have been there at least once. We’re just going along, living our lives, when suddenly an accident happens and suddenly we’re looking at a bloody gash on ourselves or someone else. If you’ve been there, you know the very next thought is whether or not it merits a trip to urgent care … Continued

Low on H2O: Here’s How to Deal With Dehydration

Did you know that as many as 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Even though most people drink enough fluids throughout the day, they get dehydrated by eating too much salt or drinking too much caffeine and alcohol. Most cases of dehydration are mild, which means they can be resolved by making small lifestyle changes … Continued

What to Do When You Cut Your Finger

Getting cut is one of the most common household injuries. Almost any time you make a meal or wash dishes, you deal with knives. That’s before you even consider any tools you use for basic DIY home repairs. Despite how often people cut themselves, dealing with the injury often leaves people mystified. They wonder what steps … Continued